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A comparative analysis of Recidivism Prevention Promotion Plans in Japan

This project is conducting a content analysis of prefectural Recidivism Prevention Promotion Plans in Japan (n=31), focusing particularly on: the policy 'problems' of recidivism (acts of crime and deviance/conditions of offending); the policy objectives; and the policy measures that will be implemented. Placed within the context of theoretical debates surrounding convergence and divergence in control cultures, the findings of this project will provide empirical insights into the ways in which subnational locales are framing problems and responses to recidivism and the extent to which this is leading to variation within Japan. 

Project Members

Ikuo Aizawa
David Brewster
Tomoya Mukai
Sho Sagara
Masahiro Suzuki
Yuki Takahashi
Yuji Takenaka

This project aims to establish up-to-date knowledge on the desistance literature. This project involves a series of systematic reviews. The first review is a systematic quantitative review which intends to establish an overall picture of the desistance literature in terms of concept, theory, and methodology. The second review is a metasynthesis to offer a new understanding of the qualitative research on desistance. The third review is a scoping review on desistance and reentry in the Asian context.

Project Members




Systematic reviews of the desistance literature

Noriko Hashiba
Sho Sagara
Masahiro Suzuki
Yuji Takenaka
Nozomi Yamazaki
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